Stephan Bazbaz is one of Tel Aviv’s most talented underground djs/producers.

With a musical career that spans throughout a decade  with releases on Djebali, Moss Co. and his own imprint No Waves. 

He’s put together a class collection of tracks from his record bag, a Brilliant read from Stephan!



David Duriez – Jenga (Original Mix)

I found this record at Palace Vinyl record shop London in the second hand crate. The records itself is a test press so I guess I was really lucky. This tune has an amazing jazzy baseline, and together with the chords and the groove it just wanna make you dance and you wish it never stops. It hasn’t left my record bag since then and I just can’t wait to drop every chance I have.



Justin Zerbst – Syrup

Sunwaves 2018, I arrived to Bucharest a day before the festival. I went straight away to Missbit Record Shop. While I’m digging through the records my friend Miss I, who runs the shop tells me that Vera just left her a whole record bag full of records that she wants to sell. Lucky for me she offered me to go through them before anyone else and there I found this jam.

Absolute killer track with one of the best leads I ever heard. Raw, simple and perfect for any situation




The perfect garage track to drop at any set. I really love the vocals and the groove on this track and it always put a smile on the crowd’s face.



JQUE PBRS TGXU – Coleoid. VGNR01. Vigenère

The first release from mysterious label Vigenere. This comes  from a time when I used to look for Dub techno records and lucky that I found this crazy jam! 

It has the perfect simple groove and you can hear all the elements comes from full analogue warm gear. Some of the elements has a comic orientation to them and kinda feels like cartoons sounds. It’s been in my record bag from 2016 and never left it. 


Mood II Swing – Move Me (Alternative Mix)

Huge classic from Mood 2 swing, funky baseline, amazing vocals and super dirty warm sound to it. I play it almost every set and I even have the digital file, but the record just sounds so much better and no one on the dance floor can stay apathetic to it.

Intro – Mikey McMahon
Main – Stephan BazBaz

June 21, 2020 2:47 pm

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