A new day means a new record bag, this time we welcome newly crowned fabric resident Tommy Vercetti to showcase his top picks from his collection.

Over to Tommy…



Ray Mono – On Deathrow 

My first track is a track by Ray Mono and is a wicked little organ groover i feel like you could play this at any time of the night and it will get an awesome reaction. For me hes such an under rated producer he is one of my favourites for sure.



Edd – Fock Quarentine

Up next is a track I’ve been playing during my live streams im lucky to have been getting some sunshine here and its been great when the sun is setting.



Arkanoid Feat Lisa Jones – Alpha Centauri (Heart & Soul Mix)

Now this record i have been playing for breakfast , lunch , dinner. I have been playing it near enough in everyone one of my live streams its such a timeless track.



Alice Clark – Eclipse (io Mulen remix)

The next track is from no other than the Ukraine music mastermind that goes by the name of io mulen, this track is just one of those tunes that never leaves your head when you leave the club. He can do no wrong!



Frank Roger – After All

Last but not least this was the very last track i played at my last gig before the coronavirus stopped everything, its always seems to find a place in my sets. And always will.



June 17, 2020 6:43 pm

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