Stepping into Sunday with a fine selection of music from Parisian Duo, Miroloja.

The pair known for their minimal productions have had a string of releases on Recordeep, Infuse and more recently a brand new vinyl release collaboration with Silat Beksi, on their own imprint OLO Records.

Over to Miroloja…



OLO3 Uknown – B1 (OLO3)

Acid bassline, rolling drums, beautiful atmos, perfect for peak time.



Olivian Nour – Warrior (OLORECORDS002)

Always supporting Olivian production dont miss that one, perfect for long set.



NTFO – Dobr (Bondage Musique)

Definition of killing a dancefloor…



Zorg – Magma (Eclipse001)

Perfect track for Intro, vocal fx everything is under the control.



Silat Beksi – On My Own (Modeight006)

That record never leave our bag, perfect to regain strength in after party.

Intro -Mikey McMahon
Main – Miroloja

June 14, 2020 3:00 pm

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