After short break away from My Record Bag, we’ve had sometime to search for whole host of new artists to deliver 5 of their favourite tracks for the upcoming months.

Bringing us back into the swing of things is London based producer & Dj – ILLI

Over to ILLI.


A1 – Derek – Bug Club (1990) original mix – HGLT004

This was one of the first records I ever bought, back then I was just approaching the underground side of things and this track blew me away, it’s everything I like in a track, a catchy repetitive monotonous groove with a big chunky bassline that jumps out of nowhere when you least expect it 



Ciprian Stan – Like You Used To (Bacauanu Reinterpretation Mix) – YARNLTD005

My favorite time to play is early in the morning when the sun has been seeping through the clouds, warming up the rave for the past couple of hours, energies are lifted yet calm and you have the crowd’s attention. This one is a perfect tool for those kinds of moments keeping the vibe rolling with its hypnotic atmosphere, yet setting the tone for you to bring in something naughty!



Yamen & Eda – Nebula Twist – MSMR002

Yamen & Eda are two of my favourite French artists of the moment, their music is great, it’s bouncy and fun yet keeps a serious tone honing a certain maturity and depth to it, that I find really interesting. This whole EP is great but Nebula Twist is the one that does it for me



Silat Beksi – Java – WOW05

This one I could listen to for hours on end, probably the most played record in my bag, there’s something about it that just makes me want to run around a field or a forest pulling funny faces and making a fool out of myself … 



Archie Hamilton – Works On Sunday – FUSE018

This one has given me so many memories over the years, a special record for special times, you never know when you’ll have the right moment to drop Works On Sunday but I know it will still be sitting my record bag! 

Intro – Mikey McMahon
Main – ILLI

June 11, 2020 5:46 pm

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