Straight from the heart of Leeds, production house and tech duo James Horne & Izaac Clarke collectively known as VOLEX, join us for their take on my record bag

Over to Volex…



Cuartero, wAFF – Break a Sweat

For us this track has always played a big part in our sets especially hearing it in our early raving days it brings so much nostalgia.. The build, snares and drum fills all fit perfectly leaving it with such an incredible impact to make any dance-floor move.



East End Dubs – Hip

This track takes us both right back to Ibiza last year we first heard it in DC10. It’s one of those progressive tracks that really grips the full room with it’s intense groove. It’s the perfect select that you’ll most likely hear in our future sets.



Riven Benavi – Brooklyn Sub (Harvey Valencia Remix)

Now this is for sure one of our secret weapons we have kept close hearted until now.. After dropping this at one of our sets at the beginning of 2020 our inbox went crazy for it. It’s one of those tracks that leaves you on a buzz mid rave with a wicked bass-line and lots of quirky elements this is definitely one of our favourites.



Alejandre – 00 (Original Mix)

We like to think that track represents our sound and the things we enjoying playing a lot. This master production is definitely for those into the real underground house scene, with a heavy kick and funky bass it just keeps the room pumping with energy whenever and wherever we play it.



Fusion Group Orchestra feat. Steve Lucas – If Only I Could (Liem Remix)

There is just no way we could let this absolute classic record slide, this first graced our ears on the infamous Mint Warehouse terrace party back in 2018 when Kerri Chandler closed his set with it. The track really stuck with us ever since. We also dropped it when we supported Solardo at Mint back in December the atmosphere was incredible. It’s played a huge part in our sets as a closing track.


May 20, 2020 1:24 pm

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