Todays gathering of records comes courtesy of Italian producer Francesco Rinaldi AKA KOKO

He first hit our ears with his stunning release of Mostrami Come.

He has since been Championed by our friends over at FUSE, London. Where his debut release with the crew was released on its sister label imprint, INFUSE

If his recent releases are anything to go by, the only way is up for the newcomer.

Over to KOKO





“Barcelona, ​​2016. I was on a school trip, my friend Giovanni and I decided to move away from the group to go to Revolver Records and being a lover of the indie genre I purchased this fantastic album that I listen to very often when I’m chilling at home.”



Christopher Ledger – Lost With K

“I met Christopher on Facebook in 2015, I have always loved his productions and I fell in love with this track at first listen. One day, unexpectedly, I received this record at home with an inspiring letter. After years, rereading those words still excite and motivate me.”



V.I.C.A.R.I. – A A A A / B B B B

“It was my eighteenth birthday and my dear friend Michele gave me this record which he purchased in Bologna from the shop of the label that produced it. I always carry it with me, I’m very attached to this record.”




“I was in London, I was 17 years old. The day after my first gig abroad (with Arupa Music), the promoter of the event (Carlos) accompanied me to the home of one of the Half Baked residents (Greg Brockman) to listen and maybe buy some records. I remember that I spent all the fee the night before in clothes and records the next day.”



Jovonn – Hesperia Soul Remixes

“November 2019, London. During my gig at the fantastic 93 Feet East playing for my friends from Appetite, they kindly gifted me a voucher to spend at Phonica Records. While I was wandering here and there in the shop, the A1 of this record started playing, after a maximum of thirty seconds I asked a member of staff to put it to one side because I would definitely buy it.”

May 16, 2020 6:09 pm

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