Contact & FAQ’s


Please email with the subject title “Lost property from (+ the event and club you lost it at)” ie. ‘Lost property from Jungle Jam at Mint Warehouse’ or ‘Lost property from system at Mint Club’.

Please bare with us, we get a lot of lost property messages but we do our best to get back everyone’s belongings. We are not at the club all the time, we are only there when it is open for an event so unfortunately you won’t be able to just pop down anytime of the day however Sharon will help you locate your belongings and return them.

The best time for you to come and collect is 1 hour before any of our events open at our clubs. You can check events on our website or our fanpages in the events section.

Please try to take care of your belongings at any future events here.

Dress code

No full tracksuits, no tracksuit bottoms, walking pants, (tracksuit top worn with jeans/ shorts is expectable) no man bags, no bags bigger than A4 size, no camel packs, no chavvy hats

Contact with a proposal if you would like to host an event at one of our clubs