Thursday’s selection of tracks comes from the one and only Rossi! This one includes an absolute gem found at Sunwaves stage 4 😉

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Over to Rossi…



Sauna – I’m Late 

Bassline. The tone of the bass in this track is what I live for. That bass that kinda sounds like a fart 🙂 I love that its there from the get go and then after the break it keeps building with more notes. Also love filter opening it up and down to get that gritty sound!!!  The kick is so punchy, and the little riff on the keys is pure bliss. I like how the track starts of so bouncy and gradually gets quite euphoric. I was shown this track by a friend of mine French, I truly thank him for that. 


Disk – Worldwide


Simplicity At It’s Finest. This is a track that always seems to find its way into my sets, it seems to work at any time, warm-up, peak time or closing. I love the moody sort of bell tones that ride from start to finish, so repetitive but something never get bored of. The low end rocks on a system, its absolutely relentless. The the subtle vocal samples that pop up now and again round it off. Brilliant music, in true ‘Disk’ style. 



2 Little Fonzies – Do Me Right 

AH YEA YEA … Happy Dayz … So many sounds in this record that put a smile on my face. From the catchy chopped up garage vocal to the beautiful strings in the breaks before letting that bassline thump back in. A raw house/garage blend to get people going with. 



D Base – Dreamin (Dream Dub)

Music for the soul. First time I got to play this at a gig was at S.A.S.H. Sydney at Greenwood, it was a moment I will never forget.  I remember showing a good friend of mine Laidlaw a video of John Dimas playing this record at Sunwaves, at the time I didn’t know what it was. The first thing he said was “I only know one man to use this vocal, Mike Millrain”. Sure enough its from one of his alias ‘D-Base’. This lead me to find the genius of Mike Milrain, this is just one of his many beautiful tracks. 



Paul Synth – Get The Gruf

This track has always had a place in my sets. The rhythm of it is so bouncy, bringing a sort of latin vibe. Perfect to pull out mid set to switch up the vibe. The saxophone in the breaks always lights up the club and gets people going. The bassline is dark and cheeky, perfectly sat underneath the drums. The sax comes in and surprises you during the empty breaks, lets out and almighty riff before dropping back in to the rhythm. This song holds a lot of amazing memories for me.

Intro – Mikey McMahon
Main – Rossi

May 7, 2020 6:17 pm

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