Mugpie’s very own Ethan McNamara takes us through 5 brand new tracks currently sitting in his record bag. Those who caught Ethan’s set at the re-opening of Mint Warehouse will know exactly what to expect.

A truly mad and eclectic selection from this edition of ‘my record bag’.

Over to Ethan…

Freedom Engine – An Evil Charm (Where Is The Forest)
There aren’t many tracks on our end of the music spectrum that have people climbing on tables and chanting the melody as if they’re at a football match, but this one does for some reason. Beware, her teeth are very sharp.

Etienne – Dash
Like letting an angry lion out of it’s cage, complete havoc on a big system. Big up to the Dig Deep boys for booking this man at Wire in a couple months on a killer lineup.

Nathan Melja – Synesthesia (Pariah Remix)
Great woozy drunken lead to sucker you in down the wormhole, beefed up by Pariah of all people with excellent restraint for maximum bass effectiveness.

Walker – Untitled 2
Kinda gutted in a way that this just got repressed recently as it’s always been a relatively overlooked weapon of mine, although I did buy it VG and wear it out, so at least it gives me an excuse to buy a fresh copy again!

Riccardo – Forgettheworld
DJ Masda and Binh both played this in Switzerland while we were gigging out there recently and it slaughtered the place twice. We’ve long since had a word to describe the menacing yet playful energy of these type of records and its “Helter Skelter” by the bucket load. Twisted fairground trippy drama.

Corp – Codere Hustlers
Vampire nightclub retro-future anthem. Corp is on fire at the moment, Neuroeliptics Paradise was one of my favourite new records of last year I reckon. This cuts through everything in the mix like a knife.

Ethan McNamara
Michael McMahon

March 6, 2020 11:55 am

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